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I dream for a living. My survival depends upon the depth of my imagination and how I harness the

creative energy of others to weave it into a greater vision. I am a collaborator.


At sixteen, my studies took me to NYU: Tisch Film Program. At eighteen, I made the cut at USC and joined the Film Production Program for a B.A. at the School of Cinematic Arts. There, I met the most incredible young creators who will forever influence my life and work. I spent my summers working in film industries around the World, which fueled my story telling and quest to live a great adventure.

I now live and work between the US and New Zealand. My husband Andy is my key collaborator.


In my work I am interested in celebrating the positive energies of humanity and our ever-evolving relationship with the natural World. In the coming years, I will continue to seek projects which inspire a more conscious and connected human experience.

I will continue to craft my films on the road... from poems to paintings to the silver screen. 

My family inspires great movement within me. Their belief and support of my career has been the driving force behind my accomplishments.  Ultimately, I wish to bring smiles to faces and give a voice to the visionary generation of which I was born into.

              peace & love, SHANNON

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